Ethereal Erotica – Published by Deborah Simpson in the U.S.A. Pamela Griffiths – Author and Poet



United Kingdom (Great Britain)

I have had five of my poems published in the U.S.A.  In the anthology Ethereal Erotica published by Deborah Simpson.

My poems in the book are:


Passionate Love

Hot warm feelings, of love and tenderness

Dressed in trendy clothes and a sensual dress

Make up shows the features of the beautiful face

Taking sensible precautions just in case

Love is an art form that cannot be denied

A warm and fluttery feeling deep inside

Two become one when the love takes hold

This is a love that is starting to unfold

Nothing can compare to a love so true

Moving together saying I love you

That glass of wine, the exotic fare

The feeling of love that is in the air

The naked soul is heightened for desire

The physical connection is arousing fire

A feeling inside that is a complete whole

Finding the target and reaching the goal

Warm and sensual, caressing and pleasing

Bodies entwined full of passionate teasing

Kissing the passion and melting inside

Explosive pleasure that bodies can’t hide


Ships in the night

Far away feelings erupting to the top

Movements in time that will not stop

The warm expression of connecting two

Like ships in the night passing through

Expressive movement while swaying together

The tickle of a moving stray duck down feather

Strawberries and cream and burning candles

Rubbing in the sensual oils around love handles

A moment’s pleasure is a lifetime’s memory

With consenting adults what will be will be

Shivering convulsions of voluntary actions

Ending with awaited rhythmic contractions

Let the moment capture each wonderful stroke

As the candle burns lower emitting its smoke

Caressing each other as the candle burns bright

Giving out signals like ships in the night



As I walked into the club I saw the woman of my dreams

She was dancing on the stage around the spotlight beams

Her long blond hair swayed with rhythmic harmony

She awakened such desire and warmth inside of me

So gracefully she danced with her body gyrating

She was looking straight at me which was so elating

As I stared with longing at my lovely dream girl

She removed her garments and set my heart in a whirl

Tanned flesh was revealed it was a sight to behold

She wasn’t embarrassed she seemed to be so bold

Long and lanky legs wrapped around the pole

As she thrust her body upwards, my heart she stole

Longing and yearning, I was putty in her hand

If only she would come to me she would understand

I can look but cannot touch, she is just a fantasy

This woman so exotic will never be with me



As I lay on the table her hands moved around

She worked on my body without making a sound

The mud pack was cooling and soothing on me

I had cucumber slices so my eyes could not see

The sensual movement of her hands were real

Her special attention was all I could feel

Moving around with her expertise

Doing her best to try to please

If you pay a little extra there may be more fun

Once the massage is over and more has begun

The lady will provide more pleasure if you like

She will ride you just like riding a bike

Nothing compares to a massage de-stress

She has nothing to prove to me, to impress

Everything is ok when I walk through the door

Knowing that her hands on me will explore

Hot towels are applied after mud is removed

The mud is so useful, it has been proved

Wonderful sleek sexy ladies are there

With their sensual hands and long shiny hair

Cooling concoctions of oils and balms

The feeling of a massage really calms

Kneading and palpating as the oils go in

This is so lovely so it can’t be a sin



Oh my lovely escort what can I say

You are here with me now for just today

I might have paid a fortune for your time and pleasure

But what we have now is far too good to measure

Pleasing me with what you do and making me feel good

You are just the same as me human flesh and blood

Your body is so beautiful, you know just what to do

My gorgeous sexy lady I really do love you

The way you please me just like I want you too

I always know that what I want I can get from you

Moving and caressing me in a sexual prowess

This is all corporeal as I watch you undress

Pleasing me with passion and a hot sexy smile

If I hadn’t paid you I suppose you’d run a mile

But for today you are my lovely sexy lady

Nothing is too good for you, nothing is shady

Time stands still while we are joined together so

As the time ticks by I don’t want to let you go

But this is just a job for you and you get paid in kind

I love you very much my lovely escort in my mind


I would love to hear your feedback – Pamela Griffiths Author and Poet.


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